Credit Fix: Not Just for Those with Bad Credit

Your credit doesn’t necessarily have to be bad in order to need a credit fix. Even
if your credit is good, chances are there is something on your report that would benefit
from a credit fix.

A credit fix will only enhance your credit score, enabling you to
apply for credit and loans with the best rates and terms.

credit fix

credit fix

Step 1:

Order a copy of your credit
report from each of the three bureaus, Transunion,Equifax, and Experian (each bureau reports different information). You
can order each individually or order a three-in-one.(Your should do this at least twice a year

Step 2:

Review all of the information in your credit report carefully. Make sure
the following items are accurate: Your full name (and any previous names) Social security
number,Public records – lawsuits, liens,judgments, bankruptcies, etc. Credit history,
Employment history, Current and past marital status, Other Examples of things that may
need a credit fix: Incorrect account histories,such as late payments you have paid on time,
Accounts you know you never opened, Lawsuits you were not involved in, Liens you never
had, Liens that appear that were supposed to be listed as “included in bankruptcy”
Bankruptcies that are more than 10 years old,Negative information that is more than 7 years
old, Credit inquiries that are more than 2years old, No notation when you have disputed
an account, Closed accounts incorrectly listed as open.

credit fix

Step 3:

Write a letter to the bureaus
that states what information you believe to be inaccurate. Explain why you are disputing
the item and request that it be corrected or deleted. There are numerous examples of
credit dispute letters on the web that you can refer to or download. What the law requires

is Your dispute must be investigated within 30 days. Upon completion of the investigation,
the bureau must provide you with written copies of the results. If your dispute results in
a change, the bureaus must also provide a free copy of your report that shows the credit
fix. Once an item is corrected or deleted,it cannot be placed back on your report unless
it is later proven valid. The credit fix protocol seems simple, however; the bureaus can be
uncooperative by using a number of stall tactics intended to intimidate and frustrate you.
It is common, very common for a credit bureau to claim an item was “verified” when it
was not, and to stall your efforts by claiming it was. There are many ways to combat these
tactics. Learning them, however, can be daunting and time consuming. If it’s not exactly
accurate, dispute it and stick to it untilit’s resolved.

You may consider letting
those who are well seasoned in the credit repair industry do a credit fix for you and
in much less time.