Do I Need a Credit Repair Attorney to Repair My Credit?

Do I need a credit repair attorney to repair my credit?


When looking for credit repair, do you needa credit repair attorney or a credit repair company? Each year, thousands of consumers applications for credit, insurance,

Credit Repair Attorneys

Credit Repair Attorneys

home andauto loans are rejected due to bad creditor inaccurate information on their credit

reports. So, when looking for professional help to repair your credit, you might ask;

Do I need a credit repair attorney or law firm to repair my credit? The answer is,

probably not. A credit repair attorney and a professional credit repair company utilize
the same laws, they take much of the same procedures, and use much of the same methods
for repairing your credit. The actions and duties they undertake to repair your credit
are often identical. But, lets say you don’t pay your creditor on time and they decide
to take you to court in a lawsuit, most credit repair attorneys are not going to represent
you in court, but often consumers believe or assume they will simply because they hired
an attorney. So why would you pay a law firm a higher monthly fee, if you can get the same
result from an affordable credit repair company? When you evaluate and compare reputable credit
repair companies and law firms, you might ask;

Can I hire a professional credit repair
company, and expect the same or better results than  hiring a credit repair attorney?

The answer is, yes. Now you are comparing apples to apples, one companies service record against

the others, and one companies prices against the others – that is just smart shopping.
But often, people just assume that when they hire a credit repair attorney or a law firm,
they are getting some additional legal services or expertise. Unless your agreement specifically
states they will take additional legal actions at no additional cost, then you are simply
just paying a higher monthly fee for no additional services, and that’s just not very smart
– it means you are paying for the perception of expertise instead of paying for results.
It is good to work with a credit repair professional that has experience and expertise at an affordable
price – that too is just smart shopping. However, some companies and law firms claim
they have hundreds of thousands of clients. While that may sound like a valid point, the
question is not how many clients they have served, but what percentage of them remain
happy clients? Is there any way you can verify that they have had hundreds of thousands of
clients? No, of course not, so remember, just because they say it, or put it one their website
doesn’t mean that it’s true, nor does it mean the client got what they paid for.

credit repair attorney

credit repair attorney

There are some attorneys and law firms who specialize in specific legal issues that relate
to credit repair, or may include credit repair services. Issues such as identity theft, garnishment,
divorce, bankruptcy, unemployment, disabilityand accident injury cases can also have a
negative affect on your personal credit. Inwhich case, you should talk directly to the
attorney to discuss what legal actions wil lbe taken in addition to their normal services.

So how do you choose between a professional credit repair company and a credit repair

You should choose the company who,based on your interactions with them, leads
you to feel comfortable that they value your business, give you the attention you need,
and can do what they say they can do, without any exaggeration or mis-leading claims that
you can’t verify. It does not matter what they did for some other hundreds of thousands
of people, the only thing that matters is what they can do for you, and how well they
can do it, and if they are competitively priced.